Meet Olivia

Olivia is a Holistic Health Training tutor and has 17 years experience in massage. She first became interested in the health benefits of massage after using it to aid her recovery from Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome. After spending time in Thailand training in Thai Massage she did a diploma in Holistic Massage and A&P in the UK. She now co runs a busy family business with her partner, an Osteopath, in Auckland. She is also a qualified teacher and mindfulness practitioner.

Olivia blends her skillfulness as a teacher with her ongoing passion for massage. She has an engaging teaching style, making the theory of anatomy and physiology accessible to all, while gently guiding you as you learn new massage techniques in the supportive environment of her home.

Her experience running her own massage business, as well as massaging in spa environment means she is aware of how the market is and is knowledgeable about how best to promote your new business.